Hoarding some shitty computers again


Today I found some discarded computers from our school and of course I had to have them. My friend also took some since he doesn’t want to  spent a lot of money to computers like I do. For me it’s more about principles than actually having any use for those. I hope someone (maybe a student from our school) needs those, I also might have (to create) some stupid project for next summer that needs one or two of those.

What I got

Specs of the (5) Hewlett-Packard computers

  • Intel Pentium 4
  • 4 pieces of 256MB DDR RAM
  • 300w power supply with SATA connectors
  • motherboard with integrated graphics
  • DVD-drive
  • no hard-drives 😦

… I probably have some use for those power supplies but for other parts it might be hard to find any real use.

I also took one 2U IBM rack server

  • 2 Intel Xeon processors
  • 4 pieces of 512MB RAM (Propably DDR, I don’t remember for sure)
  • lots of 60mm fans
  • Motherboard with integrated graphics
  • 2 power supplies
  • DVD-drive
  • Again no hard-drives 😦


Once again I took something that I probably will never actually need. Also my apartment looks again like a data center / computer shop / repair center.

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