Repairing Technivorm Moccamaster brewer

moccamaster_floatSo I got broken Moccamaster from my friend about a month ago. It had two parts that didn’t work properly. First one was the float (there was a rubber tube with leakage close to heating elements switch) and the heating element that moved water was somehow “ripped” and if it worked – it worked (at least) randomly. Otherwise the Moccamaster looked almost like a new one. So I started looking spares from the web-shops and C2C sites, but then I realized that I should ask from my friends moccamaster_heater_element(about half of them are stuff hoarders and DIY guys like me) that if someone has any spares.

One phone call was enough, my best friend had one double brewer without jugs, filter holders and lids but there were all the parts I needed and a little bit more. It was in his garage, it was so dusty that I had to clean it three time before I even tried to take the parts I needed. Still I got what I needed so I was happy (or as happy as a guy with a free Moccamaster and a successful project can be).

Wiring of Moccamaster is not hard to understand, but it is still easy to mix up the wires when disassembling it. I also took some pictures hoping that it might help someone. I also started to draw some kind of picture about wiring, but had no motivation to finish that yet. Sadly I didn’t took any good pictures of the double brewer that might have made this blog post little bit more interesting.


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8 Responses to Repairing Technivorm Moccamaster brewer

  1. Do you have the electric wiring diagram for that brewer?

  2. Davo says:

    hey bro- I am taking mine apart in hopes of repairing and will show those pics- Thanks for the post

  3. Andre Fontaine says:

    Hello, i have a broken rubber tube for my float switch. Can you give more details about how you repaired that item?

    • kolmis says:

      I used heat shrink first, but in some point it started to leak again and I just went to general store and bought same size tube that was meant to be used with cars wipers.

      • Andre Fontaine says:

        How did you remove the water reservoir? To replace the tube i need the other end of it.

      • kolmis says:

        There is screws inside and on top and the metal cover on top can be just pulled off… same with the tube if I remember right.

  4. Peter-Jan says:

    I drew a schematics of a vintage type 74.
    It is not as simple as one might expect, the 2-5 or 6-10 cups switch changes a lot in the current flow.

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