Badcaps sunday

displaysEarlier this week I found five broken monitors from the recycling container at my school. There was a lot of post-its saying that they are all broken in a way or another. Mostly just because of the broken capacitors. I have already fixed three of those by changing caps.

But of course there was one display that was not so easy to fix, still almost all of those LG displays has same kind of power supply and swollen capacitorthat’s why I was able to identify the fault of the power supply by just changing it to the working one for a moment.

That broken power supply didn’t have any easily noticeable damage. I think the reason is dry capacitor, but it’s (obviously) harder to find than swollen one. I don’t know if I should put any more time in these since they’re not worth of almost anything and I have not so much use for Dell Precision M4400these anyway. Maybe I just build some sort of wall of screens like in the Matrix.

BTW. I also found working DELL Precision M4400 (without charger and hard drive) (also one without processor, ram, hard drive, optical drive and charger and took it for spare parts) from the recycling container. I ordered charger and hard drive for that and I’m already using it. Not much to blog about that so I didn’t write separate post about it.

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