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Adventures with Tomato Firmware and Sierra Wireless MC8700

I got call from parents that their broadband connection have stopped working. I was sure that it’s like all the other times and it just needed to be rebooted because of problems with connection and/or software or factory reset because … Continue reading

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Badcaps sunday

Earlier this week I found five broken monitors from the recycling container at my school. There was a lot of post-its saying that they are all broken in a way or another. Mostly just because of the broken capacitors. I … Continue reading

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Repairing Technivorm Moccamaster brewer

So I got broken Moccamaster from my friend about a month ago. It had two parts that didn’t work properly. First one was the float (there was a rubber tube with leakage close to heating elements switch) and the heating … Continue reading

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Hoarding some shitty computers again

Story Today I found some discarded computers from our school and of course I had to have them. My friend also took some since he doesn’t want to¬† spent a lot of money to computers like I do. For me … Continue reading

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Playing with Arduino, h-bridge and 6 lead bipolar stepper motor

Story Months ago I ripped some stepper motors out of a old printer and had an idea about building either a plotter or a CNC machine. After some snooping around the internet I found out that if I want to … Continue reading

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Playing with Arduino and DRAM

Story A few weeks ago I wanted to play with DRAM. I ripped a couple of 4 Bit 4 MB DRAM circuits out from an old printer and tried to connect those to an Arduino with a handmade adapter. That … Continue reading

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